With an operating frequency from DC to 18GHz and up to 16 independent channels, with 1GHz instantaneous bandwidth each, Cyan is the most powerful solution on the market. Pair it with one of our storage and playback solutions for up to 100 TB of data storage.

A powerful and long term investment for your spectrum monitoring and recording needs.

A high fidelity, state-of-the-art, end-to-end solution that is ready for use out of the box, this solution enables monitoring and recording across a wide spectrum. The use of multiple independent channels allows for spectrum sweeping while concurrently tuning in to signals of interest. The Cyan SDR and Storage and Playback Solution are rack mount systems that offer seamless data capture in real time with the ability to stream 160Gbps from the radio to the Storage and Playback Solution.

Spectrum Monitoring & Recording Block Diagram

The Cyan platform paired with the Storage and Playback Solution has remote capabilities and can be accessed through an Ethernet connection to your network, which is ideal for situations and areas where personnel presence is not possible. The flexibility and update mechanisms available in software defined radio make this an investment that can stand the test of time and be upgraded easily and efficiently with new software updates.

Cyan features an on-board Intel Stratix 10 SoC FPGA, high speed digital logic, and precise time keeping to enable high RF and digital bandwidths. The radio performance can also be optimized to meet SNR, noise figure, phase noise, IIP3/OIP3, and more. With up to 16GHz of instantaneous RF bandwidth, Cyan enables a high POI and can stream 4 x 40Gbps of data with 100% packet transfer for lossless operation.

Cyan can be customized for any system through:

  • Number of RF & DSP channels
  • FPGA resources & digital logic
  • RF performance figures
  • Amount of data storage

Check out common specification changes through:


As a single-box solution, Per Vices SDRs can easily be integrated into new and legacy systems. We work with you to provide scaled implementation and testing to follow your organizations needs and timeline. We offer: site and equipment planning, hardware deployment, expected performance calculations, different modulation schemes, monitoring and maintenance packages, custom filtering through hardware or software, and more.

Per Vices has experience designing and developing hardware, firmware, and software that offer:

  • Integration into other devices
  • Network deployments
  • Direct access to FPGA for custom use
  • Changes to RF performance to meet aggressive requirements

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