The Client Process

- Working With Us -

In conjunction to developing high performance products, Per Vices prides itself in its extensive expertise and experience in integrating platforms into new or existing legacy systems and projects, through its proven and trusted approach. Our team of engineers works closely with you from the start to understand your project scope, needs, and budget to develop the right solution for you no matter if it is a new project, a life extension project, or a project where the parameters are still being refined.

Software Defined Radios are inherently flexible – providing a future-proof solution that will not become obsolete as technology advances. We take your long term goals and objectives in mind when designing a system and providing support for all systems, including those that need to have life spans of over 15 years.

The Workflow

Steps Why
Initial introductory discussions around your overall application goals.
We like to ensure we know what you are looking for so we can best frame the discussion for moving forward.
Client provides the necessary objectives and thresholds, project time lines, budgetary constraints, and most critical specifications that need to be met
This helps us better understand your project and how we can assist; either through one of our stock products or a custom solution while leveraging our existing experience and IP
Customers can start with one of our stock products to help determine what changes may be required to meet their project requirements, the interfaces and data formats, and the overall experience working with our company.
By working with one of our stock products, customers have a path forward to reduce risk while demonstrating proof of concepts as may be required.
The statement of work (SOW) outlines the requirements that need to be met, the validation metrics being used, the associated time lines, and the costs.
Our SOWs ensure that all parties are in agreement of the path forward and provide milestones for clients to track progress throughout the course of the project.
The delivery of our products to your facility are completed with full tracking details, certificate of conformance on request, and in an easy to unpack configuration.
Once the final product is delivered we continue to work closely to ensure everything is working as expected and can provide support for any additional changes or order volumes that may be required.


Lower Development & Unit Costs

By re-using our existing IP and our extensive experience in developing systems to meet a variety of needs, you will save on both the development and hardware costs when working with Per Vices.

Fast & Effective Communication

We work quickly to provide regular communication with our customers and at every level including engineering, manufacturing, and administrative

Reduction in Supply Chain Complexity

Our systems typically replace 100s of sub-components with one fully integrated solution reducing supply chain complexity when needing to order systems#

Case Studies

Our case studies explain the process and methods we used to successfully helped our clients. 

Clients & Testimonials

We have extensive experience developing and integrating systems for the top organizations in the world.

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