SDRS for Interoperability

With up to 16 RF channels for MIMO operations & dynamic configurations, scaling and testing network infrastructure has never been easier

Interface systems, custom designs, and full integration support available

Providing the performance and power to test & launch the next generation of communication technology

Optimize your interoperability capabilities for better outcomes and growth

Per Vices SDRs allow users to transmit, receive, and process all signals on one fully-integrated, modular platform. The products’ configurable architecture can work across different spectrums, allowing for a scalable and flexible network structure that provides consistent reliability, accuracy, and power for your testing. Onboard DSP and FPGA resources allow for upgrades for ever evolving protocol changes and slicing capabilities.

With up to 16 channels, Cyan can offer high bandwidth, processing loads, data rates and low latency. Aggregation across FDD/TDD and TDD/TDD bands provides the ability to use multiple sub-18 GHz spectrum channels simultaneously to transfer data. With functionality encoded in advanced software rather than hardware, there is added protection against vulnerabilities, option for virtualization, and digital flexibility to implement new standards.


Per Vices SDRs are industry leading in serviceability, integration, and support into developing new or legacy systems. Whether you need a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) or customized solution, we work with you to determine the ideal configuration for your needs, and assist you in developing plans for pilot projects, system integration, and production deployment. With top of the line technology and expert support, you can put your trust in Per Vices in providing you with high performance platforms for your IoDT needs.

Interoperability Block Diagram

Custom Developments

Check out common specification changes through our BYOSDR tool:

Crimson TNGChestnut & Cyan can be configured for any system through:

  • Number of RF & DSP channels
  • FPGA resources
  • Flexible Digital Interface (Ethernet, USB, etc.)



  • Interoperability Device Testing (IoDT)
  • Optimizing design of base stations, access points, small cells
  • Testing thresholds and scenarios
  • 5G network deployment


  • Custom number of channels for MIMO operations in various spectrums
  • Tuning to multiple frequencies and protocols
  • Digital down/up conversion on FPGA
  • Slicing capabilities due to onboard DSP capabilities
  • Multiple latency and reliability configurations
  • Easy to use web interface and UHD compability
  • Adjustable capacity
  • Filtering/Adjacent Channel Rejection
  • Signal beamforming
  • Signal Accuracy/RTK

Crimson TNG

  • 4 Rx and 4 Tx RF channels
  • Over 1200 MHz RF bandwidth in total
  • Operating frequency DC to 6 GHz
  • Dual 10 Gbps SFP+ ports
  • Intel Arria V ST FPGA SoC
  • Compact form factor (1U rackmount)


  • 4 Rx and 4 Tx channels
  • 500 MHz RF bandwidth per channel
  • Operating frequency DC to 9 GHz
  • Dual 100 Gbps qSFP+ ports
  • Intel Arria 10 FPGA SoC
  • Compact form factor (2U rackmount)


  • Up to 16 RF channels
  • Over 1 GHz RF bandwidth per channel
  • 1 GHz and 3 GHz instantaneous
    bandwidth options
  • Operating frequency DC to 18 GHz
  • Quad 40 Gbps qSFP+ ports
  • Intel Stratix 10 FPGA SoC
  • Compact form factor (3U rackmount)


As a provider with extensive experience in both the SDR solutions and integration support for all customers, Per Vices makes it easy for customers to include new high performance SDRs into their new and existing systems. We work with you to provide scaled implementation and testing to follow your organizations needs and timeline. We offer: site and equipment planning, hardware deployment, expected performance calculations, customization to meet specific hardware and software interfaces, monitoring and maintenance packages, custom filtering through hardware, and more.

Per Vices has experience designing and developing hardware, firmware, and software that offer:

  • Integration into other devices
  • Network deployments
  • Direct access to FPGA for custom use
  • Changes to RF performance to meet aggressive requirements


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