Powering the world’s fastest data links

Flexibility and speed – capable of meeting your current and future needs

Per Vices has extensive experience building low latency modem systems for turnkey, point-to-point operation with additional offerings of assisting with initial link establishment. Our solutions offer the flexibility of trade-offs between reliability, latency, and throughput which can be configured based on your specific needs. Our systems are being used by organizations powering the lowest latency point-to-point wireless links available.

Block Diagram Rx

Block Diagram Tx

Our platforms can be designed to meet specific customer requirements associated with form factor, connector type, RF filtering and much more. These systems can use our stock Crimson TNG platform as a base for a system capable of meeting and exceeding customer requirements for low latency applications.

With the option of on-board data storage and the flexibility and adaptability provided by the FPGA and DSP resources, Per Vices platforms make it easy to change protocols, modify algorithms, and analyze trends in data.

Our radios can be customized for any system through:

  • Adjustable RF bandwidth
  • Custom number of receive and transmit channels
  • Custom FPGA building

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As a single-box solution, Per Vices SDRs can easily be integrated into new and legacy systems. We work with you to provide scaled implementation and testing to follow your organizations needs and timeline. We offer: site and equipment planning, hardware deployment, expected performance calculations, monitoring and maintenance packages, custom filtering through hardware, autonomous link management options, and more.

Per Vices has experience designing and developing hardware, firmware, and software that offer:

  • Low latency modem cores
  • Filtering
  • Custom FPGA development
  • Size, weight, and power (SWaP)
  • Sensitivity
  • Multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO)

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