Designed to meet the most demanding customer requirements by offering MIMO, high data rates and bandwidths, wide band performance, flexible RF operation, and FPGA resources

Reliability and power for critical missions

Per Vices’ SDR platforms offer the highest bandwidth available, wide-band performance, and a custom set of channels for transmission, receive, or a combination of both. These solutions can be optimized for surveillance and spectrum sweeping with detection and analysis features available using our receive capabilities.

Block Diagram Rx

Block Diagram Tx

The systems can offer a custom number of receive and transmit channels to be implemented for use in electronic countermeasures, guidance, and many other EW applications. We further offer host systems, specifically designed to meet requirements for data storage and processing.

With over 16GHz instantaneous RF bandwidth per unit operating up to 18GHz and an Intel Stratix 10 SoC FPGA, Per Vices’ SDRs provide the power, reliability, and security you need.

Cyan can be customized for any system through:

  • Number of radio chains
  • Tuning range
  • Bandwidth
  • SFDR
  • SNR

Check out common specification changes through:

per vices crimson tng sdr
per vices custom sdr
Crimson TNG


As a single-box solution, Per Vices SDRs can easily be integrated into new and existing systems. We work with you to provide scaled implementation and testing to follow your organizations needs and timeline. We offer: site and equipment planning, hardware development & deployment, expected performance calculations, custom application development, monitoring and maintenance packages, custom filtering through hardware, and more.

Per Vices has experience designing and developing hardware, firmware, and software that offer:

  • COTS Linux host systems for rapid deployment and use
  • Custom FPGA builds
  • Custom hardware development
  • Easy integration & custom API
  • MIMO capability

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