Per Vices

Specializing in building and integrating the world's best SDR platforms.

Per Vices

Specializing in building and integrating the world's best SDR platforms.

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Flexible SDR platforms for your most demanding system requirements


Software defined radios (SDR) are flexible application agnostic radio systems where all radio tuning is done in hardware but all other functionality is done in software. This replaces numerous components and devices and enables a single platform to be used for a variety of applications for different markets. SDRs are also upgradeable and updateable without changing hardware. 


SDRs allow for high performance, excellent reliability, low latency, and many other benefits. Per Vices has extensive experience in configuring our highest performing platforms to work with your systems, offering full integration support, excellent communication, and services and maintenance throughout product life. We innovate and develop constantly to provide the solutions clients need.


Our customers include engineers, scientists, project managers and technologists in government companies, who have used our platform, validated its performance and economics compared to alternatives, and have received, or are seeking, regulatory approval to begin selling systems integrating our products. See who and how we work with our clients on our Client Process page. 


High RF Bandwidth

Each platform offers the highest bandwidth in its class with options enabling up to 16 GHz of instantaneous bandwidth in a single platform.

Wide Tuning Range

Our SDRs offer performance down to the kHz range and can extend all the way to 20 GHz and beyond.

High Digital Throughput

We offer significant advantages regarding digital throughput with our products ranging from 20 Gbps backhaul all the way to 400 Gbps backhaul.

Independent Radio Chains

All of our SDRs offer multiple radio chains with each being independently controlled for changing the tuning frequency, bandwidth, and other parts of the radio chain.

Phase Coherency

We provide deterministic phase coherency across all radio chains in a given product and can extend our phase coherency across multiple radio devices giving customers the best performance for critical applications.

Custom Solutions & Full Integration Support

We work closely with all customers to ensure a solution can be provided that meets their project requirements while providing the best integration support possible by relying on our extensive experience in integrating our platforms in customer systems and networks.



Wide tuning range, MIMO operation, high bandwidth and fully configurable radio chain.


The best performance for tuning range, bandwidth, channel count, RF performance, and digital throughput.

ease of integration

Ability to change data format, custom messaging, interface types, and size, weight, and power (SWaP).

RISk Reduction

Start with one of our COTS stock products and, if needed, we can work incrementally to meet your project requirements while reducing any risk.

Lower costs

Our platforms are very competitively priced and for custom developments we can re-use our existing IP and experiences to lower costs and shorten development time.

One Vendor

By having a single vendor provide all radio needs and interfacing equipment, customers benefit from reduced supply chain complexity.

Cyan is a high channel count, ultra wide band, high gain, direct conversion quadrature transceiver and signal processing platform. Providing simultaneous support for up 16, fully independent, transmit or receive radio channels, with a standard 1 GHz of RF bandwidth and support for up to 3 GHz, and up to 16 bit converters, this flexible platform can tune from near DC to 18 GHz. The digital throughput includes four 40GBASE-R qSFP ports to quickly receive and transmit radio data with an option to upgrade to four 100GBASE-R.
Cyan aims to provide end users with the best possible performance available from a commercial vendor.
Crimson TNG is a very flexible radio and signal processing platform that supports high bandwidth communications over a wide tuning range. The hardware has a 4 Rx and 4 Tx configuration and a tuning range from near DC to 6 GHz. Each radio chain supports bandwidths of up to 325 MHz with 16 bit resolution and Crimson TNG offers dual 10GBASE-R SFP+ ports for streaming up to 20 Gbps of data to and from interfacing equipment.

Chestnut offers high bandwidth, extended tuning range and high digital throughput – striking the perfect balance between performance and cost, with the added benefit of being designed for easy integration. The platform offers 4 independent receive and 4 transmit chains, with up to 500 MHz bandwidth per chain. This flexible platform can tune from near DC to 9 GHz with 16 bit converters and comes in a compact 19″ 2U size and has the Intel Stratix 10 FPGA SoC. The digital throughput includes four 40GBASE-R qSFP ports to quickly provide 160 Gbps to receive and transmit radio data. 

Calamine is an extremely high tuning range software defined received with high bandwidth and digital throughput. This receiver offers tuning from near DC to 40 GHz with 4 independent receive radio chains, each with up to 300 MHz bandwidth per chain. This easy to integrate platform offers 16 bit converters and comes in a compact 19″ 2U size with an Arria V FPGA SoC. The digital throughput includes two 10GBASE-R SFP ports to quickly provide 20 Gbps of data transfer from the receiver to other equipment.

Per Vices SDRs

Specification Crimson TNG Chestnut Cyan Calamine
Tuning Range
Near DC to 6 GHz
Near DC to 9 GHz
Near DC to 18 GHz
Near DC to 40 GHz
Number of Radio Chains
4 Rx and 4 Tx
Up to 161 any combination of Rx and Tx
4 Rx
Bandwidth per Radio Chain
325 MHz
500 MHz
1 or 32 GHz
300 MHz
Converter Resolution
16 bits
Digital Backhaul
2 x 10GBASE-R; 20 Gbps
2 x 100GBASE-R; 200 Gbps
4 x 40GBASE-R; 160 Gbps
or 4 x 100GBASE-R; 400 Gbps3
2 x 10GBASE-R, 20 Gbps
Form Factor
19” 1U
19" 2U
19” 3U
19” 2U

1 32 DSP channels are available with Cyan EC option
23 GHz per radio chain is available with Cyan HB option
34 x 100GBASE-R is available with Cyan HB option

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