High Performance SDR Platform

Over 16GHz instantaneous RF bandwidth per unit operating up to 18GHz with Stratix 10 SoC FPGA

Integration support available

Per Vices products are designed to meet the most demanding customer requirements offering MIMO, high data rates, flexible RF operation, and available FPGA resources.

Our SDR platforms offer the highest bandwidth available, wide-band performance, and a custom set of channels for transmission, receive, or a combination of both. These solutions can be optimized for surveillance and spectrum sweeping with detection and analysis features available using our receive capabilities.

The systems can offer a custom number of transmit channels to be implemented for use in electronic countermeasures, guidance, and many other EW applications. We further offer host systems, specifically designed to meet requirements for data storage and processing.

Block Diagram Rx

Block Diagram Tx


  • Active (Pulse Doppler) Missile Warning Systems
  • Airborne Chaff Countermeasures
  • Airborne Decoy Dispensers
  • Counter-UAS Systems
  • Direction Finding Systems
  • ELINT Systems
  • ESM Systems


  • High speed data links
  • Wideband operation between DC and 18GHz
  • Eight receive and eight transmit radio chains for MIMO operation
  • High sample rate with adjustable RF bandwidth up to 3GHz per radio chain
  • Many FPGA resources available for DSP
  • On board clock synthesizers and precision timing
  • Quad 40 GbE over QSFP+ ports for high data throughput
  • Aggressive channel and spectrum masking
  • Custom filtering

Additional Support:

  • Direct access to FPGA for custom use
  • Integration with other devices
  • Flexible API
  • Custom hardware development available

We offer custom hardware, firmware and software, integration support, and COTS Linux host systems for rapid deployment and use.

Christina WollesenEW