Per Vices builds radio and tactical signals intelligence products capable of transparently communicating with any wireless signal, and enables operators to address the self-organizational capabilities afforded by modern communications infrastructure, without compromising strategic intelligence requirements.


Passively locate transmission sources with advanced geolocation functionality.

Spectrum Monitoring

Scan the spectrum while visualizing and recording narrow and wide band signals.

Spectrum Jamming

Jam cellular, hand-held transceivers, WiFi, and/or bluetooth.

Communication Network

Build your own secure network across any part of the spectrum.

Emanation Reconstruction

Automatically detect target video resolutions and timing information to automate signals processing, and improve contextual relevance while lowering the skills barrier necessary to operate.

Wireless Device Interception

Intercept and analyze multiple wireless signals simultaneously.

Licensing and Product Services

Non-exclusive licenses are non-transferable. Support services provided by Per Vices trained technicians with a fixed monthly price agreement for 6 to 36 months. Contact us for information on Per Vices On-Site service options and custom solutions.

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