Per Vices Customizations

Software-Defined Radio Matters (Here’s Why) Software-Defined Radio (SDR) has been creating a lot of buzz recently in the technology industry. It has also generated a lot of excitement among both commercial users and DIY enthusiasts as it makes building wireless devices a [...]

Software Defined Radio Market Trends (2015 and Beyond)

The Software Defined Radio (SDR) industry has been revitalized and creating a lot of buzz. The main reason for its recent growth and popularity is the result of communications devices needing to be more flexible, configurable, cost-effective, and interoperable. The increase in [...]

SDR Applications

Crimson Redefines Software Defined Radio Per Vices has been in the business of bridging the gap between performance and costs associated with radio frequency devices by providing solutions for clients in the test and measurement and defense markets. The latest device to [...]

Crimson Overview

SDR (Software defined radio) technology has rapidly become the standard in various industries that require interoperability between different wireless devices without the need for multiple equipment. Our Crimson SDR is designed to be a flexible platform, operates from DC to 6GHz, offering [...]

Introduction to SDR

Communication has been at the forefront of human innovation. Likewise, communications based on the basic principles of radio have had a significant impact since its inception. Not only does radio technology influence the transmission of data, voice, and video, it has also [...]