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Crimson TNG is a flexible wideband, high-gain SDR platform equipped with four independent receive chains and four independent transmit chains, each capable of up to 322MHz of RF bandwidth up to 6GHz.

Crimson TNG is powered by an Altera Arria V FPGA (5ASTMD3E3F31I3N) with an on-chip dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor with web-based interface.



  • 5.4kg, 1U Form Factor
  • 482.6mm x 500mm x 43.69mm
  • Pulse-per-second (PPS) port
  • Operating frequency DC to 6GHz
  • Deterministic phase coherency and latency
  • Digital down/up conversion on FPGA
  • Over 1200MHz RF bandwidth
  • Two quad channel, 16 bit, 2500 MSPS DACs
  • Four dual channel, 16 bit, 370 MSPS ADCs
  • 20Gbps using dual SFP+
  • Altera Arria V ST FPGA SoC
  • 10MHz, 10ppb, reference OCXO
  • Direct conversion quadrature transceiver
  • Includes web interface and UHD compatibility
Phase-coherent signal capture

Deterministic phase coherency and latency for geolocation and MIMO

Seamless wireless communication

Transparently communicate with wireless signals from DC to 6GHz

Superior signals intelligence

Ultra-wide bandwidth enables advanced spectrum monitoring

RF signal data acquisition

Flexibility of processing data on-board or streaming raw IQ data

Digital beamforming

Improve signal detection using advanced digital beamforming techniques

Test and measurement

Open-source tools and web interface for easy and intuitive use

Crimson TNG Full-Kit
USD 14,500

  • x1 Crimson TNG
  • x8 Log Periodic Antennas (850-6500MHz)

  • x2 SFP+ cables
  • x8 SMA cables

Crimson TNG Half-Kit
USD 14,000

  • x1 Crimson TNG
  • x4 Log Periodic Antennas (850-6500MHz)

  • x1 SFP+ cables
  • x4 SMA cables


Crimson TNG Stand-alone
USD 13,500

  • x1 Crimson TNG

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