Per Vices is connecting all your wireless devices.

At Per Vices we build hardware and software applications to transparently communicate with any wireless signal. Our products and technology allow for communication between different wireless networks, and are capable of duplicating the functionality of dedicated wireless hardware.
Our products are wide band, direct conversion transceivers and signal processing platforms using software defined radio (SDR) technology. Select from the options of single RX & TX channels or 4 RX & 4 TX channels sending 322MHz of bandwidth from 100kHz up to 4GHz or up to 6GHz. Each product is powered by an Altera FPGA with the option of an Altera FPGA SoC.
“Altera is a leading SDR provider. Per Vices’ Crimson Arria V SoC-based SDR COTS board truly is a flexible product with a wide range of applications well suited for military, governmental and wireless networking applications,” said Ian Land, senior manager of Altera’s military, aerospace and government business unit. “It’s a unique blend of hardware and software that delivers a high-performance, turnkey multi-channel radio,” he continued.
“We used our technical background in FPGA design to help Per Vices incorporate many innovative SDR features into their product” Said Steve Sharp of Macnica Americas, Inc. “The capabilities and flexibility of their SDR solution is right in line with what people want from wireless solutions today.”
“The successful incorporation of our ultra-low phase
noise and low-jitter performance oscillators in the Per
Vices Crimson software defined radio means that the
Crimson software defined radio is capable of supporting
the most demanding radio applications,” said Anthony
Mastropole, president of Crystek Corporation.


“Most people probably couldn’t imagine why they’d want software-defined radio hardware in their homes. But people said the same thing about microcomputers in the 1970s.” – Ars Technica
“Why not allow a single device to pick up all signals at once and mix, match and manipulate them in a number of ways. This is not science fiction. A company called Per Vices has done just that with a new PCI-card based product.” – Broadcast Engineering
“In a world dominated by software startups, Per Vices stands tall, ready to conquer the argelly unpublicized realm of hardware startups.” – Entrepreneur Stories