The Wireless Platform

to meet all of your needs


The Crimson Software Defined Radio Platform allows transparent communication with any wireless signal

4High sampling resolutions

5High speed networking

6Integrated ARM processor

7Supports complex FPGA designs

8High quality time source

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“The successful incorporation of our ultra-low phase noise and low-jitter performance oscillators in the Per Vices Crimson software defined radio means that the Crimson software defined radio is capable of supporting the most demanding radio applications”
said Anthony Mastropole,
President of Crystek Corporation
"Altera is a leading SDR provider. Per Vices’ Crimson Arria V SoC-based SDR COTS board truly is a flexible product with a wide range of applications well suited for military, governmental and wireless networking applications"
said Ian Land,
Senior Manager of Altera’s military, aerospace and government business unit.
"TI’s DAC38J84 digital-to-analog converter (DAC) and ADC16DX370 analog-to-digital converter (ADC) enable Crimson to provide unmatched RF performance for the cost,"
said Chuck Sanna,
High Speed Products marketing manager at Texas Instruments

1Ultra-wide tuning range

2Send and receive on multiple channels

3High sampling rate


3 steps to use


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Collect data and run applications