Per Vices: Debug

This section is for experienced users who understand the raw commands to configure the boards. As of now, this feature should only be reserved for Per Vices for debugging purposes. Be aware that using this feature might cause the board to be in an improper state and result in a malfunction with the boards.

IC Information

AD5624RQuad 12-bit nanoDACsVoltage controlled attenuators, varactor, RF mixing DatasheetTX,RX
ADC16DX370Dual 16-bit ADC with JESD204BRF IQ sampling DatasheetRX
ADRF6518Variable Gain Amplifier with Baseband FilterADC driver before the ADC16DX370 DatasheetRX
DAC38J84Quad 16-bit DAC with JESD204BRF IQ generator DatasheetTX
GPIOX PCA95388-bit GPIO ExtenderGPIO extender to 8 pins with I2C DatasheetTX, RX
HMC830LP6GFractional-N PLL with VCO25-3000 MHz synthesizer to feed into HMC833LP6G DatasheetTX, RX
HMC833LP6GFractional-N PLL with VCO25-6000 MHz synthesizer for RF mixing on the high band RF chain DatasheetTX, RX
HMC987LP5ELow Noise Fanout BufferClock buffer prior to fanout into daughter boards DatasheetSynth
LMK04828Dual/Cascaded PLLClock generation for all the boards DatasheetSynth

Programming via Bootloader

Raw Command Line Interface

Console Output
Command History