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Cyan High Bandwidth

Cyan High Bandwidth is the newest offering from Per Vices. Built off of the trusted Cyan software defined radio platform, it offers up to 3GHz bandwidth per radio chain and has a 400Gbps backhaul.

Cyan High Bandwidth Quick Specs

  • Up to 3GHz instantaneous bandwidth per radio chain

  • Total system capture bandwidth: 18GHz

  • 8 independent radio chains (Rx/Tx)

  • 6.2kg, Compact 3U Form Factor

  • 482.6mm x 402.0mm x 133.0mm

  • Multiple reference clock inputs & outputs

  • Operating frequency DC to 18GHz

  • 4x100Gbps QSFP+

  • Intel Stratix 10 FPGA SoC

  • 10MHz, 10ppb, reference OCXO

  • Direct conversion quadrature transceiver

  • Includes web interface and UHD compatibility

  • Deterministic phase coherency and latency

  • Digital down/up conversion on FPGA

  • Over 18GHz RF bandwidth

  • 12 bit, 3 GSPS DAC on each transmit chain

  • 12 bit, 3 GSPS ADC on each receive chain

  • 4 DSP chains per independent radio chain

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