Technical Specifications and Support

The drivers for Noctar currently support x86_64 Linux (64 bit), and kernel versions 3.4+


Noctar is a wide band, high gain, direct conversion quadrature transceiver and signal processing platform. Using analogue and digital conversion, operators can send up to 250MHz of bandwidth across 100kHz up to 4GHz.

8Gbps, low latency, PCIe x4 bus Up to 250MHz bandwidth Includes GnuRadio Interface
Fully integrated, full duplex, RF frontend 100kHz – 4GHz range SDR Open source drivers and firmware
Two, 12 bit, 125 MSPS ADCs Dual channel, 16 bit, 250 MSPS DAC Digital down/up conversion on FPGA
Direct conversion quadrature transceiver 20MHz, 0.28ppm, reference TCXO Altera Cyclone IV EP4CGX22C FPGA

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Physical Installation

Installing Drivers and Utilities

Setting Up Automatic Initialization



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