Test and Measurement

Send and receive signals from DC to 6GHz using four receive and four transmit chains for any protocol. The flexible system enables users to test wireless devices or set analog triggers for interfacing with other lab equipment. It additionally features dual 10Gbps SFP+ network interface and an external PPS.


MIMO SDR radar for superior target detection, improved resolution, phase noise, and sensitivity. Our robust SDR system provides enhanced performance advantages, and can be used to provide RF and digital filtering, improved phase coherency, and reduced phase noise.

Public Safety

Interoperability across law enforcement, firefighting, emergency services, and military communities. SDR’s enhanced adaptability makes it easy to enable and disable communications between first responders.

Spectrum Monitoring

Signals intelligence solutions for scanning, detecting, analyzing all communications signals. Perform RF surveillance, spectrum monitoring and sweeping with advanced techniques to capture signals below the noise floor and set alarms or triggers.

Wireless communications

Create and manage low latency networks across a flexible part of the spectrum. Develop a network driven by software defined radio enabling features for spectrum utilization, future adaptability, and improve channel throughput and reduce latency between sites.


Detect, locate, intercept, and interact with any type of wireless signal. Quickly access various frequency bands and/or different protocols while taking advantage of ad-hoc bridges between networks. The platform can also be used for a variety of signals intelligence applications through the ultra-wide bandwidth and operating frequency.

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